Drink diaries

Drink diary

Keeping a diary of how much you are drinking, when and why you are drinking – what your ‘triggers’ are – may help you to begin to really think about your alcohol use.

This link will take you to a drink diary sheet that you can complete for a week or two:

Your reasons for drinking

This is all about thinking about the reasons why we drink. We all drink for different reasons so….. what do you think are your reasons for drinking? Why not spend some time making a list.

After you have finished your list, think about what are the good reasons and what are the bad reasons for drinking?

Also, try and think about the reasons that you can do something about. Are there things you can change?

Money limits

  1. If you drink till the money is gone, take less money with you.
  2. Don’t use a debit/credit card – if you have one, leave it at home.

Switch drinks

  1. Some drinks are much stronger than others.
  2. Switch from a strong drink to a weaker one with a lower %ABV. This will cut down the alcohol units.
  3. By changing brands you could cut back 1 unit on each drink.

Top ups

  1. Avoid top ups so that you can keep track of your units.


  1. Never drink and drive.
  2. Think about how you’re going to get home before you leave home.
  3. Take a licensed cab or have a friend who will drive but not drink alcohol.
  4. Leave enough money for a taxi fare at home so you will always be able to get back safely even if you spend the money you have with you.

Change the rounds

  1. This is a difficult but important change.
  2. Try to avoid rounds. These encourage you to drink more because of loyalty to your friends.
  3. Try and explain to friends that you will buy your own drinks and the reasons why.
  4. If that is a problem, buy one round and then go solo, or don’t buy a drink for yourself when it is your round.
  5. Try and break the round up into smaller groups.
  6. Try and buy drinks at the pace of the slowest drinker.