Our services

Our services
We offer a range of services to people living in Southampton to support them to make changes to their drinking. These include:

  1. Advice and information and self help pages
  2. One-to-one support – either face-to-face or over the phone
  3. Web-based support mechanisms and self-help tools, Breaking Free Online and to our own self-help page.
  4. Brief interventions to support you to change your drinking behavior, Audit tool, Drink Diary, Contact us, Advice and information.
  5. Recovery workshops (group work), See Service timetable.
  6. Facilitated peer support also see CGL website peer mentoring page.
  7. Mentoring and volunteering opportunities also see CGL website Volunteer Page.
  8. Audit tool and Counselling
  9. Health promotion activities
  10. Referral on to higher levels of support and care as necessary – e.g. detoxification services and other local services as appropriate.

We work to ensure that we provide our service users with choices about to the support they receive and we aim to provide seamless care which is appropriate to your needs.
Please see our Service Time Table page for further information