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  • Daily recommended units: men 3 – 4 units per day; women 2 – 3 units per day
  • Take a 48 hour break after a heavy session to let your body recover
  • Take a break – have two alcohol free days each week

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Alcohol Calorie table

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Why don’t you make a plan? What are your reasons to change?

Making your plan/ Reasons to change

Set yourself some goals

I will not drink more than ….. units each day
I will not spend more than ….. on alcohol each week
I will have …… alcohol free days a week
I will decide how much I’m going to drink before I start drinking
I will take up a new hobby or activity to do at the time I usually drink most
I will……… (add your own)

Know when you might slip up

  • When your boss is buying the drinks after work
  • When you’re meeting new people in social situations and feel nervous
  • When you’re celebrating at a party or club and people are encouraging you to drink more
  • When you have had a hard day and feel like you deserve a treat
  • When you are out with mates and you’re supposed to keep up with them
  • When you need to relax and having a few drinks feels like the fastest way to do it
  • When you are watching TV and you really don’t notice what you’re drinking
  • When you are lonely or depressed and you think you might as well have another one.

Ways to cope